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Physical Support Consultation

For holonic support of your physical wellbeing

  • 2 hr
  • 388 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Our bodies house our whole self. Just in the ways we often need additional support for our home, we need additional support for our physical embodied home. Capitalism pushes our bodies so hard, glorifies hustle and condemns rest, and uses our bodies as a resource that can be perpetually taxed. This isn’t true, and it isn’t fair, and we do what we can to work against those systems in places of care for ourselves as best we can. In this practice, we will discuss in depth the cores of your physical state and investigate the origins and roots of what you are experiencing and what you desire to experience. The needs of our bodies are expansive and run deep in our other systems. There are ties that we are forced away from observing between our systems, and we have the ability to access them. We will use tools that revolve around somatics, humanistic therapy, and other practices that celebrate the body, the whole of a person, and the ideas that we are the sum of all of our parts and that makes them worth embracing rather than viewing as a problem to solve. We will share information around what herbal therapies could work best for you and provide you with information on how to engage those herbs in the ways to support you best. In addition to these discussions, we will work together to craft a product that can benefit and support your system to help you feel the ways you desire and deserve. This product may take additional time and attention that I don’t desire to take from our discussions, and will be discussed additionally as desired and crafted for you within a few days and delivered to you via your preferred method. The cost of this product will be included in the consultation fee, no additional charge. If additional products are desired, they can be discussed and added to your fee. My desire is that you leave informed and prepared to handle the aspects we entered into the space to support. For financial assistance, visit the Support tab in the page menu.

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