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Holonic Deep Dive Consultation

An encompassing dive into your life and self to promote healing at a deep level

  • 4 hr
  • 688 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

We are expansive, complex, multifaceted creatures that cannot be labeled in any singular, significant way. You are you, there is no other you. Even biologically identical twins possess vastly different qualities that express uniquity. All the deepest parts of you deserve to be explored, celebrated, and supported. When we can care for our whole being, we grow and expand, because when we feel fully cared for we can feel more safe and secure. In this practice, we will dive deeply into all parts of your self and create connections between them. This is a process that will take time, patience, dedication, and deep levels of care. Many of us carry a heavy weight of trauma, insecurity, fear, grief, and other deep feelings and experiences that we feel we have to hide or ignore because of the system we live within. The goal with a holonic deep dive is to help facilitate healing, support, and celebration of all our parts, even the ones we may feel the lowest about. All of you makes all of you, and deserves to be loved in all ways. We will use tools that revolve around somatics, humanistic therapy, and other practices that celebrate the body, the whole of a person, and the ideas that we are the sum of all of our parts and that makes them worth embracing rather than viewing as a problem to solve. We will share information around what herbal therapies could work best for you and provide you with information on how to engage those herbs in the ways to support you best. In addition to these discussions, we will work together to craft a product that can benefit and support your system to help you feel the ways you desire and deserve. This product may take additional time and attention that I don’t desire to take from our discussions, and will be discussed additionally as desired and crafted for you within a few days and delivered to you via your preferred method. Additionally, a sigil catered to your needs to imbue your support with additional energy and promote wellness will be embellished upon your product. The cost of this product will be included in the consultation fee, no additional charge. If additional products are desired, they can be discussed and added to your fee. My desire is that you leave informed and prepared to handle the aspects we entered into the space to support. For financial assistance, visit the Support tab in the page menu.

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